Our background

Centre for Peace and Security Studies Foundation Africa(CPSSFA) is an independent regional action research, advocacy and technical support non-profit organization based in Kampala, Uganda. CPSSFA is an African focused organization whose vision is to have a secure Africa at peace with herself. Its mission is to work as a center that provides strategic, innovative and evidence based advice on conflict prevention, resolution and peace building in Africa. The organization intends to undertake evidence based research in peace, conflict and security in Great Lakes, East, Central and Horn of Africa through monitoring and analyzing security developments and sounding early warning bells to governments, regional bodies and non-governmental, inter-governmental and international organizations in a bid to prevent and resolve conflict.

The CPSSFA intends to work mainly in South Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, Rwanda, Somalia, Sudan, Central African Republic, Tanzania, Burundi and Uganda. CPSSFA raises funds from governments, foundations, companies and individuals to facilitate its activities in the region. The CPSSFA approach is base on action research, analysis, advocacy, capacity building, collaboration and implementation support and a range of global issues affecting investment in Africa. The CPSSFA integrates democracy and rule of law, development, trade, peace and security as a mechanism for reducing conflict in the Great Lakes, East, Central and Horn of Africa.

CPSSFA intends to promote peace and security through research, education, and outreach. We will provide standard professional training for conflict analysis and conflict prevention, management, and resolution, and peace building with an all-African outlook. The organization also organizes conferences, panel discussions, briefing sessions, and seminars both to conduct and disseminate research and expertise and to promote values of a democratic and peaceful society. Our action plan details the activities directed towards communities as much as to international and African institutions to build a community of knowledge and practice for solving contemporary challenges to peace and security.